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News from the villa

Still kicking

And another year goes by. We thought last year was nuts but the craziness just kept on coming. All alive and well at boganvilla. Writing jobs have normalised and I've…
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It’s all going on

What a year it's been so far, eh? My 2020 vision is a blurry as everyone else's, maybe more. After the Bogarts Festival finished as a great success, I got…
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Local Commerce

I built another e-commerce website for a local startup. The Fundraising Depot is a portal for organisations to personalise their bulk buy fundraising products. Wordpress with OceansWP template, hosted on…
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Be wild, be free, be Simeon

When I met Sim, he was the local baker. He still knocks out a mean sourdough but now spends more time drawing and writing than anything. He tells cracker stories…
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I won a prize!

I entered some photos in the Ruffy Artfest held over the weekend just gone. We went along to the opening, schmoozed with some locals and checked out some cool stuff.…
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Published in another magazine

I've hooked up with an entertainment technology magazine that I've been reading on and off for decades. CX Magazine Just had my first article with them published. An esoteric piece…
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Big Clarkey has gone live

I've been beavering away for several weeks now on a website for a local business: Strathbogie Removals. Fronted by Clark Holloway, these folks have been moving furniture and goods around…
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We are LIVE

Bogan Villa is on now fully the air. And guess what? I forgot to post to this very blog to announce it...ooopsie. :-P Too busy emailing and posting out to…
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