Big Clarkey has gone live

I’ve been beavering away for several weeks now on a website for a local business: Strathbogie Removals.

Fronted by Clark Holloway, these folks have been moving furniture and goods around NE VIC for several years now. As a professional truck packer for many years, I know what it takes to load a truck properly (so that everything gets to the other end in the same state that it started).

I’ve seen Clark’s work and I’m impressed.  He saw boganvilla and was impressed too, so … Clark commissioned me to build a website for them that highlighted the strengths of his business and gave him a slick online calling card.

Today, we officially went live.

In the words of Big Kev – “I’m Excited!”

So is Big Clarkey. We both reckon it’s come up pretty sweet.


Check it out


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