art is subjective

I try to approach everything with artfulness in mind.

Take a creative approach.

Look at life with a sideways eye.

Try something new.

Refine something old.


Here in ‘Bogie, we have lots of creative folks. Some of us recently got together to share enthusiasm for creating things. We got called “BogArt”. We have projects under way.

Our first big one was trying to get a tram for a community studio. We missed out on that but got busy with setting up a festival of creativity instead.

BogArts festival was born. We kick off with an Art Exhibition on November 1, 2 & 3. Friday the 1st is the big Opening Night. This weekend also sees the start of a week long sculpture walk along the Bridge to Bridge track in Strathbogie. We will cap it all off on Saturday 9th with a Spoken word afternoon session, followed by Di’s singing workshop and rounded out with the fabulous sounds of Hello Tut Tut as we stage our Gypsy Punk Masquerade Party.

This all happened in November 2019. 

Before the panic-demic.

think laterally,

think outside the box,

think inside the box,

think emotionally,

don’t think

learn to feel and fail and feel again and learn to keep learning

give it a go, have a try, do it again

and again

and again…