Since studying piano and percussion at a tender age in a family of musos, I’ve been surrounded and uplifted by music.

It’s been my solace, my escape and my inspiration. My late teens and early 20s saw record after record and gig after gig. My mid 20s found me working in live music as a lighting director and general roadie. Music became work and it lost a lot of sheen.

So, I changed careers and 10 years later I was able to enjoy it all again. Stuck alone on a building site (crafting our palace), I found streaming radio. 3 services later, I now flog Spotify about 10 hours per day.

I will listen to anything except Top40 and C&W. I prefer interesting, challenging and offbeat toons and acts. It would take an encyclopaedia to list the bands that I like and listen to.

Streaming Toons

Here’s some Spotify playlists for you to enjoy:


Trashy & swampy

Groove Noise

Heavy Duty


Disco Inferno

May your earworms be interesting and  joyous…


I’ve been listening to a music podcast for a few years now. Doc Yobbo and Beeso present the Balls After Dark poddie every week. 2 40-ish cis white guys listening to new music every week and then pontificating or crapping on about it. Not always my cup musically, but that’s the point. The bants are quality and the dynamic is fun,

Even when they are BOTH wrong

Occasionally though, they will uncover a gem that you will listen to until it breaks.

Check ’em out here: BALLS AD