Natural Building


When I was 12, we had a Merchant Builder’s house built. I was fascinated by the process. I was even more taken by a visit to Moora Moora, where I saw the joy of building your own with whatever materials you can scrounge.

Fast forward through studying capital A architecture for 2 years before dropping out to work as a project manager’s assistant in Self Build housing (MoH dept…expand) and then private construction. Laboured on building sites, renovated houses, designed and built stage sets, architectural lighting fixtures and shop displays. A decade of concerts, theatre and corporate theatre helped hone the design and logistical skills.

A few more years of corporate gigs and hard slog paid for some dirt in the bush and we got to planning, designing and building an awesome house out of mud, sticks, stone, steel and whatever else we could find.


Since that tender young age, I’ve never lost my passion for dwellings constructed of natural materials, laboured over and loved by their creators.

Examples of natural building

  • cob
  • strawbale
  • mud brick
  • adobe
  • bamboo
  • stone
  • recycled
  • canvas

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Building your own place is hard but rewarding. Building out of natural materials saves money but costs considerable time.
from the west

Quality. Timeliness. Cost.  =  You only get to pick 2!!