Still kicking


And another year goes by. We thought last year was nuts but the craziness just kept on coming.

All alive and well at boganvilla. Writing jobs have normalised and I’ve got a steady flow of interesting work. Getting some good feedback too and enjoying being paid to yell at the government(s). Dana has enough p/t work that she’s enjoying. We stay afloat – which doesn’t take us much – and are happy with that.

We had a quiet summer on the firefront. Looking forward to the same again this hot season but we will see what it brings. First danger noodle already slithered by.

By body is annoying. Back went out again ~8 months ago. It is slowly on the improve but I’ve lost all condition – again!

I have a fancy new camera setup and will be overhauling the galleries here to show off. That is, after I fix the image loading bug that was here on my last post. Soon, I hope …

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