Design & Consult

I design many things. I have high level knowledge about many other things and continue to learn more. So, I consult on them for you.

Audio Visual



Design of audio visual systems for

  • domestic
  • corporate
  • educational
  • institutional
  • houses of worship

Specialist in complex distributed systems with control overlay.

Design. Advice. Consultancy.





Building Design Services

  • Domestic Dwelling & Site Design in Visio
  • 3D modelling in SketchUp
  • Off Grid Setup advice
  • General Building advice

Specialist in assisting Owner Builders.



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Furniture Design

I’ve always liked to make stuff. Stuff like:

  • furniture
  • lighting fixtures
  • sculpture
  • landscaping
  • ikebana
  • pottery

I like natural materials but enjoy working with:

  • timber (reclaimed or from the bush)
  • steel (mild & stainless)
  • copper
  • resin
  • stone
  • mud
  • bark
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