Writing / Editing

I got words, big words. Unlike some, I know what they mean. I had an inspiring HSC English teacher who taught me much about using the English language effectively. For a long time, I was a boorish pedant with others’ writing. I now realize that language is perpetually in flux and must thus accept “continuous desecration of the Queen’s English as I was taught!”

Services include:

  • I write regular magazine articles on building, AV and related topics.
  • I produce technical documentation for AV integrators.
  • I provide editing and proofreading services for any and all documents.
  • I also offer document markup, formatting and conversion in a variety of formats.

Attention to detail and context are my strong points.

Magazine Articles – CX

I spent the best part of 20 years working with black boxes. Not long after I started working as a rock-and-roll roadie, Connections magazine was born. They have survived the ages and are now (mainly) online as CX Magazine

Since late 2018 (Issue 141 pictured), I have written regularly for CX. Topics include venue profiles, gear reviews, how-tos, history lessons, memory lane fun, and now a few op-eds. It’s been a fun journey and my writing has matured alongside.

I even have my own monthly column, called ‘Backstage’.

Magazine Articles – Other

Since writing the first few articles for CX mag, I have branched out into penning for other AV publications and outlets. I write regularly on a variety of topics for ConnectedAV Technology magazines. I also do plenty of in house Case Studies (venue / gear profiles)  and general content creation for AV companies.

I am chugging along with regular commissions and the researching, interviewing and writing process is fun.

Magazine Articles – TOB

I wrote a lot of articles for The Owner Builder magazine. Sadly, it is no longer. After 40 years, she passed on. Times change.

As a long time reader, it contributed to me owner building. That led to me writing about what we did and how, and now I write for a living.

I will miss exploring the journeys among its pages but I understand that all things have a life span.

Building diary and front cover at completion.

Building diary mid build process.

Vale TOB & thank you Lynda.

Editing & Proofing

A critical reader with a pedant’s eye.

I struggle to read the copy of others without seeing errors in grammar, punctuation or spelling.

I employ a systematic but sensitive approach to critique on all copy that I edit.

Experienced working with style guides.

Technical Writing

I write:

– articles about building processes.

– technical user documentation

– technical reports

– tender responses

– grant applications

– about whatever you need.

Document Markup & Image Formatting

I prepare and format documents for outputting to print, screen and online.

Highly proficient in the MS Office suite and other publishing platforms.

I create powerful and succinct Powerpoint presentations.

I can format your digital images, plans and other files for the web.